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Worldconin Doctor Who ohjelma

Kävin Worldconin ohjelman läpi  ja kokosin kaiken Doctor Whon enemmän tai vähemmän liittyvän ohjelman. Huomaa että ohjelma saattaa vielä muuttua, yritän muistaa tarkistaa mikäli jokin muuttuu. Worldconin ohjelma on liki kokonaan englanniksi, niin tässäkin tapauksessa. Muu ohjelma löytyy täältä.


Fan Film Follie - 1

Osana Worldconin ensimmäinen Fan Film Follie eli fanielokuvaohjelma sisältää Johnny K. Wu:n fanifilmin T.R.A.N.C.E. Fan Film Follie alkaa 201-huoneessa klo 10 ja kestää klo 12 asti. T.R.A.N.C.E. alkaa ohjelman mukaan klo 10:27.

The Doctor must try to stop a dimension takeover.

Magical Libraries and Archives

Paneeli maagisista kirjastoista Pasilan kirjastossa klo 15-16:00.

Librarians and Doctor Who - libraries and archives have hoards of amassed knowledge and magical items! How is this trope handled in audiovisual media and does the reality becoming more digital have an impact? 

Tolkien in the TARDIS: How Doctor Who reflects Middle Earth

Esitelmä tilasa 208 klo 16-17:00 siitä kuinka Doctor Who on yhteydessä Keskimaahan.

Two of the most well-known and well-loved imaginary worlds to come out of the last century have been Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and the Doctor Who universe. These two creations walk in parallel, cross paths, and reflect one another; they delve into the inner fire of fairy stories and pull at something that sparks the imagination. This talk will look at how we can see Tolkien through the lens of Doctor Who and vice versa. It will examine the way these two works build on the same foundations and tap into the same creative tools.
We shall see that Tolkien's world is bigger on the inside.


Roleplaying the Doctor

Rauhanasemalla klo 10:00 - 11:00 Doctor Who roolipeliä kirjoittanut henkilö kertoo millaista on kirjoittaa Tohtorista.

Alasdair Stuart has written adventures and sourcebooks for the Doctor Who roleplaying game, including the Sixth and the Tenth Doctor sourcebooks. How is it to roleplay the Doctor and write about his adventures? What's it like to write for other people's characters? What have been the triumphs and challenges and what have these projects taught him about writing? And Doctor Who?

Future of Doctor Who

208 tilassa klo 17-18:00 paneeli Doctor Whon tulevaisuudessa.

The Doctor is regenerating again! How has this major change been received and what possibilities will it allow for the future development of Doctor Who - both the character and the series?

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